maandag 26 januari 2009

The Obsidian scary Bird Frustration Painting

Every now and a then I want to do a scary monster drawing with a super dooper pretentious latin name, in this case the creature is called nex superne. Which ofcourse means Death From Above, which you educated people would know! But for other people like me there is a thing like an online translator so that everybody can abuse ancient languages to make cool names for bands, monsters and pet chihuaha.
Making scary drawings works very therepeudic for me, it prevents me from having scary dreams and will cut my use of foul language right in the middle. Also it balances out cute drawings I do.

At work I've been drawing lots of obsidian "things" and I was wondering in the process that it would be pretty cool to make a spikey monster thingy out of it. Remembering the birds the grandma of my girlfriend keeps as pets I decided it would look freakish to have a big bird monster on stitly legs with little beady eyes with lots of spiky shapes in it. Not that I think parakeets are scary stilty monsters, because I think they are my adorable little feathery friends that could do absolutely no harm. But maybe they just want us to believe that!!!!!!!!!

Hmmz makes one wonder how an obsidian bird can even get off the ground....

1 opmerking:

Unknown zei

'spikey monster thingy'

thingies are ze best! Ze maken ook zweefvliegtuigjes van cement, obsidian moet ook wel lukken ;p
Zie mythbusters voor een how-to ^^

Of je moet een echt goed vliegend monster thingie maken die de nex superne dan van boven kan loslaten om zijn naar waar te maken als naar de aarde stortend roofvogel standbeeld :D