zondag 4 januari 2009

The professor part III

I was trying out a happier style for the professor character to make the story a little bit more accessible. Also as the story unfolds, changes to the design of the character are made contineously. Also to have a good contrast I tried out a grim style.

I like the characters that visualizes the story, kinda like the Frankenstein monster who visually depicts the essence of what the story is about (this kind of design was executed wonderfully in pushing daisies). This is the part of creating stories and visual design I flirted with during my student times. So this will be the proving grounds for my theories and paper developed during this period.

Making some preliminary sketches gives a lot of reference to work from. The writing of the story is going steady, the base of the story is written and I started on sketching out scenes. The scene sketches I will post here soon.