maandag 30 maart 2009

Old Factory Sketch

A quick color sketch I did. Nothing special, just me slapping some colors on the canvas :) I will try and not talk too long, because it should be a blog with drawings instead of me blabbering on and on about drawings!
-Daniël Ernst-

maandag 16 maart 2009

Crunchtime and me 8-)

Pfew. Crunchtime stays tough, stress, deadlines and in the end the big payoff that the people will hopefully enjoy :) And next to my work there is me, the artsy fartsy autonomous I want to make my own stuff guy.

I got two projects that I'm working on next to my fulltime job, an illustration book ( which is coming along nicely) and my graduation project. Which I do for fun because I graduated a year ago :). Also I like to animate as well next to my illustrating and gamedesigning and making a game combines all of these disciplines.

* sidenote: I had a very nice story written with wise words, right in this place where I'm typing this, about my study years that I wanted to share, but blogspot deleted them because they did not liked it when I put in a heart sign with letters in blogspot. Be warned people no smoochie letter symbols!*

People usually don't like a webgame to be anything more then a fun passtime that you can easily click away if somebody walks past your desk at work. So if you want to have a magnum opus deep psychological drama game that teaches you important lessons about life, love and death, most people would go for a fun game in which you can blowup blocks or kill stickfigures...... I know I do.....

here are some character designs I did for the game. I went for the more reserved watergod design of the third from above. But I sure loved the other one as well, but it would be al ot harder to animate.
So enough with the reading letters, bring on the drawings!
Daniël Ernst

maandag 2 maart 2009


After a time of hard work and moving to a new place I found some time to post a new sketch and more is coming when I hook up my scanner again :) BUt now back to business.

A friend of mine is a fanatic dinosaur enthousiast. After collcting just about all the jurassic action figures that are released he started collecting DinoRiders, a show which most of you must have seen!!!! There is not a lot that could go wrong with people riding on weapon laden dinosaurs. Expecially when it is eighties to the bone. So I decided to do some Dinosaur spacemarine sketches in a nice comiccy eighties toy style thingie with nice simple color scheme, neon pink an black. So heres the first badass dinosaur spacemarine to show that not only peanutbutter and jelly mix well!