maandag 16 maart 2009

Crunchtime and me 8-)

Pfew. Crunchtime stays tough, stress, deadlines and in the end the big payoff that the people will hopefully enjoy :) And next to my work there is me, the artsy fartsy autonomous I want to make my own stuff guy.

I got two projects that I'm working on next to my fulltime job, an illustration book ( which is coming along nicely) and my graduation project. Which I do for fun because I graduated a year ago :). Also I like to animate as well next to my illustrating and gamedesigning and making a game combines all of these disciplines.

* sidenote: I had a very nice story written with wise words, right in this place where I'm typing this, about my study years that I wanted to share, but blogspot deleted them because they did not liked it when I put in a heart sign with letters in blogspot. Be warned people no smoochie letter symbols!*

People usually don't like a webgame to be anything more then a fun passtime that you can easily click away if somebody walks past your desk at work. So if you want to have a magnum opus deep psychological drama game that teaches you important lessons about life, love and death, most people would go for a fun game in which you can blowup blocks or kill stickfigures...... I know I do.....

here are some character designs I did for the game. I went for the more reserved watergod design of the third from above. But I sure loved the other one as well, but it would be al ot harder to animate.
So enough with the reading letters, bring on the drawings!
Daniël Ernst

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