maandag 2 maart 2009


After a time of hard work and moving to a new place I found some time to post a new sketch and more is coming when I hook up my scanner again :) BUt now back to business.

A friend of mine is a fanatic dinosaur enthousiast. After collcting just about all the jurassic action figures that are released he started collecting DinoRiders, a show which most of you must have seen!!!! There is not a lot that could go wrong with people riding on weapon laden dinosaurs. Expecially when it is eighties to the bone. So I decided to do some Dinosaur spacemarine sketches in a nice comiccy eighties toy style thingie with nice simple color scheme, neon pink an black. So heres the first badass dinosaur spacemarine to show that not only peanutbutter and jelly mix well!

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Floris zei

Love it! You've got a bit of a Bill Watterson thing going on there.