maandag 27 oktober 2008

The Professor

A character study for an illustration book project. The illustration book will be finished somewhere next march.

donderdag 23 oktober 2008

Big Ol' Pirate!

This was a sketch to try and be more shape orientated. Looking through old sketches I found out the shapes were being neglected in the shading stage, so I tried to focus on getting a clear shape done first.

That and I wanted to draw a pirate!

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

Color Speedpaint Part II

Trying out some bigger environments. Next step will be to implement a character into an even bigger environmental piece.

I like the mood set in the red blossom piece, I probably going to go further down that road.

zondag 12 oktober 2008

Color Speedpaints

These were my first shots at making colorful environments. A good training to fiddle around with light and coloring. If I'm confident with the abundance of colors I will try to implement it into a bigger environmental piece. I'm especially fond of the yellow building color sketch. Making these work strangely relaxing should try to do more during crunchtime :).

woensdag 8 oktober 2008

The Madhatter Sketch

This character was done in my brand spankin' new sketchbook, bought after losing my old one ( which included a cartoon Terry Gilliam made in my sketchbook and a bunch of portfolio stuff I still had to scan in...... *sigh*, but well good excuse to start a new portfolio from scratch!).

The day before getting myself a new sketchbook I got the Henson's no strings attached book and found out about the movie dreamchild which had some nice hensonlike dark alice in wonderland designs. So I decided to start out with a mad hatter pencil rejndering!

A li' l introduction

Hello everybody!

My name is Daniel Ernst. I'm a gamedesigner from trade graduated with a bachelor with honors degree in gamedesign and development with a minor in Fine Arts. Currently I'm working as a artist/designer at Triumph Studios (, the gamestudio responsible for the Overlord series.

My job duties consist of coordinating the special FX, designing frontend and creating concept art.

Next to my job over at Triumph studios I also work hard on proceeding work on my former graduation project. It will be the first videogame using the 3d glasses technology in a functional way. For details head over to my portfolio site: .

This blogspot will focus on experimenting, getting feedback and improving.

I will try to maintain this blogspot as much as my sleeping late schedule admits !

well this as far as the introduction goes;

That's all folks!