woensdag 8 oktober 2008

A li' l introduction

Hello everybody!

My name is Daniel Ernst. I'm a gamedesigner from trade graduated with a bachelor with honors degree in gamedesign and development with a minor in Fine Arts. Currently I'm working as a artist/designer at Triumph Studios (http://www.triumphstudios.com/), the gamestudio responsible for the Overlord series.

My job duties consist of coordinating the special FX, designing frontend and creating concept art.

Next to my job over at Triumph studios I also work hard on proceeding work on my former graduation project. It will be the first videogame using the 3d glasses technology in a functional way. For details head over to my portfolio site: http://www.danielernst.nl/ .

This blogspot will focus on experimenting, getting feedback and improving.

I will try to maintain this blogspot as much as my sleeping late schedule admits !

well this as far as the introduction goes;

That's all folks!

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Alba zei

Look at this! YOU'VE GOT A BLOG!
Just kidding, great! :)