vrijdag 11 september 2009

Overlord 2

I sure hope people picked up a copy of Overlord 2 if so they will recognise these decadent grotesque characters I concept. These were my first big story characters I concepted for Overlord 2 and boy were they fun. Somehow I really like to make hideously looking characters, you can put more details in it and mister gravity gets a chance to do his work on all the flesh. The posing of this screenshot is done by Michiel Wouterse. This screenshot was also featured in an article in the newspaper here in good old Holland and with that I got my 15 minutes of fame :).

maandag 7 september 2009

Médecins Sans Frontières Game

This was a graduation project done about a year and half ago. The game never was released officially. So I think it's okay to post some artwork related to the game. We made it with a team of 5 people. The art below is art I worked on individually. My task was to art direct the game.