zondag 24 oktober 2010

Color Sketches

Some color practice. Just started watching True Blood, and boy do I want to visit New Orleans some time. Love the mood and setting of the show. The other sketches were random doodles that came too mind.

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Cristina Ynzenga zei

I love them Daniel! Nice colors and atmosphere!! :)

Daniel Ernst zei

OLLLLAAAAA Cristina, Thnx for the compliment :)! How's it going!? How's the new workplace? Miss us?

wren zei

The sense of light is all of these studies is great! Do you base these on specific outdoor scenes or do they all come from imagination?

Cristina Ynzenga zei

Hey Daniel! ^^
Of course I miss you guys!! :) hehe

Is going great over here, tons of work but very happy with the project.
And nice to be at home again!!

Daniel Ernst zei

Heya Wren,

Some come straight from my imagination. Some are inspired by photo's.

For example the New Orleans graveyard scene in this post is based on a scene from True Blood. Then I try to figure out what it is that makes the scene work and expand on that. It's a good practice method.

For personal practice I sometimes copy photo's, paintings, scenes and so on. There is no shame in that. And it helps to built up a good reference folder in your head. From which you can quickly refer to when working on a piece and make it your own. As Picasso said;"good artist copy, bad artists steal".

Allan zei

These are incredible!

Daniel Ernst zei

Thnx Allan!