donderdag 9 september 2010

The truth about TV fortune tellers

This series of illustrations tells the truth about the TV fortune tellers. You may think they are total hacks, but maybe they're the real deal?

The Swamp
In a swamp not so far away lays the house of the fortuneteller you may know from the television. The swamp is the place where people get lost, cars dissapear and souls get stolen. Campers are scattered across the swamp and lost things never to be found again. The house is put together with junk from the swamp.

Tv Broadcast Room
The broadcast room spreads the message of the tv oracles worldwide.

The Study Room
Learning how to predict peoples fortune is not a trick, it's a lifelong study of the mystique. A family car used as study platform is one of the many remnents of the unfortunate swamp victims used as decoration in the study room.

The Work Room
This where the stuff of nightmares are made! Frog Legs, life chickens, money of the greedy, alligator eyes or the lost souls of the fallen are just some of the ingredients used for concuctions with effects no normal human wants to comprehend. The work room is built in an old camper toppled on it's side.

11 opmerkingen:

Rosie Lauren Smith zei

Found you on CA, think i'll stalk your blog now. Amazing work btw.

Daniel Ernst zei

Heya :) glad to be stalked, thnx!

wren zei

Have no idea how you create these amazing environments - the mood is so great.

Daniel Ernst zei

Thnx Wren :) Glad to hear you like them.

About the mood, I start out the environments with a story in mind. It usually helps me to set the mood and from there built the scene.

frillip moolog: zei

Hello Daniel
So excited to have met you . Your work reflects the real you.
I love the idea that the work room is in an old camper van on it's side. Yes this all seems so compeltely normal.

Daniel Ernst zei

Hey Kirsty thanks for your hospitality in Liverpool! Hope you will like the 3d photos.

Matt Timms zei

this series is great! the lighting is awesome

Daniel Ernst zei

Hey thnx Matt!

Anoniem zei

Awesome enviro's, think I've seen a few of your works on cghub :).. thrilled that you're going to teach my class! The line sketches are taking a full weekend.. so thanks for that ;)

Daniel Ernst zei

Hey mr anomynous :) thnx for the comments! If you liked last weeks homework assignment you will have a blast with the Next one!

Tobias zei

hehe, you're right.. This next one will leave me up as late as the last one aswell I guess ;P Good practise.