dinsdag 29 december 2009

Snowy Room Final

I finished the snowy room sketch in order to enter the Gnomon competition. Hope to show off some completely new illustrations soon. Too bad the monitor shows different color everywhere :/ If the room is yellow instead of blue... then uhmz well then you can't see the illustration in it's full glory.

6 opmerkingen:

Chris zei

It's yellow! But it's still very nice.
I like yellow :)

nick visser zei

cool geworden!

Cristina Ynzenga zei

I love the characters and their expressions, very well done!. And nice atmosphere.
Good luck in the competition ;)

Daniel Ernst zei

Chris: Hehehe hmmz yellow sigh maybe I should spend some dough on a good monitor, but this one served me well for years :( I just can't let .... him ...... gooo!

Nick: Yo jij ook met jouw leipe shizzle!

Cristina: thanks for the comment :D Hope you will have some new updates on your blog for me to comment on too!

Edwin Rhemrev zei

If Willy Vandersteen sees that dog he'll sue your ass of! Just find a lawyer that doesn't mind getting paid in Gnomon Dvds, and you should be fine :D Good stuff! -E-

Chris zei

Wat hij/zij hierboven zegt!

Hoor je 't ook 's van een ander ;)